Alex Schuchard at Space B

Space B Gallery is pleased to kick of the new location for the gallery with a show of new landscapes by  Alex Schuchard.  The works in the show explore the line between representation and abstraction.  While all of the works are a literal depiction of images found in nature .  The source can be ambiguous to the point that the paintings become abstract to the viewer all the while being very true to the photographic source. . The works largely deal with images where the viewer is either looking through something into a larger space or are reflecting back at the viewer.  The pieces are a representation of a framing of nature that leads to abstraction.   The painting are not meant to represent landscape in the typical manner that it is regularly depicted.  By abandoning typical conventions of landscape like horizon or a point of reference the paintings intention are to create the atmosphere of a landscape. But rather smaller details about how nature reacts to itself either through light or by forces like wind and current.   Creating a detailed image of a larger world.  Satisfying the idea of a landscape painting with only a snippet of information.